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Haunting magic from the underground, echoes of piano keys, dripping wine and the sound of deep strength in a voice that will make you find a home in your ears wherever you are



The Copenhagen-based singer  and composer Kamilla Kovacs engulfs musical situations where most would only tread lightly and is always whole-heartedly involved in many different projects with a broad range of musical genres spanning from improvised music over more popular tracks to Bulgarian folk singing. She has a curiosity towards exploring the voice and it's many abilities and sounds and this always creates a red threat in her music.
As part of the experimental electro-acoustic ensemble IKI she has released several studio albums and toured all over Europe. She has a collaboration with well-renowned electronic musician Be Svendsen and has both appeared on several of his tracks and co-written the track October Letters - a further collaboration is in the making. She is one of six singers in the Nordic acapella group Vokalselskabet GLAS that sing folk music from the Nordic and Balkan countries.