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The acclaimed and DMA-winning band IKI consists of 5 female vocalists from Denmark, Norway and Finland. In March 2018 IKI released their third studio album ORACLE produced by electronic artist Mike Sheridan adding new sound layers of mysticism to their experimental, hypnotic audio universe. The album has been nominated in the categories “Special Release of the Year” and “Best Vocal Jazz Release of the Year” in the Danish Music Awards 2018.
Working with the voice as the main instrument and improvisation as their artistic tool, IKI has toured most of Europe since 2010. By the use of electronic machines and pedals they manipulate their voices live on stage. The music, which is created in an intense here-and-now-moment together with the audience, goes from trance-like soundscapes to alluring avantgarde beats and structures.
IKI released the albums “IKI” in 2011 and “LAVA” in 2014, and the EP “DEW” in 2016. IKI’s 3rd album ORACLE was released March 23rd 2018. Their visual world is built around masks designed by London-based Damselfrau.

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