Lose yourselves in tales told through expressive vocals and lyrical saxophone.

Kovacs & Dyberg is an experimental vocal & saxophone duo, that performs Soulful songs & free improvisations. The duo is exploring how to tell stories with the full potential of two instruments using their own intriguing language.

”I have always been fascinated with music that seems to go forwards and backwards at the same time. And music where the traditional roles are inverted. (..)Kovacs & Dyberg are a duo that taps into a dimension that is not the norm in jazz. With only saxophone and voice to establish the parameters of their music, they twist and turn the lines that are both composed and improvised as if – Kovacs&Dyberg PressphotoKovacs became Dyberg and visa versa. Their music is both enchanting and soulful”
(Greg Cohen, Berlin January 2013)